Canadian jade has entered the Chinese market more than 20 years ago at commercial scale, however, brand recognition is still low, and the brand image for Canadian jade among many normal Chinese jade collectors is, unfortunately, negative. Actually, NO brand has been established for Canadian jade in the Chinese market.

Perceptions of many Chinese jadeware collectors about Canadian jade:
  1. Huge deposits and produced in large quantities at industrialized scale;
  2. Quality of Canadian jade is low, and is perceived mistakenly as “high quality marble stone” by many Chinese;
  3. Price of Canadian jade or corresponding jadeware is generally cheap but value appreciation is small, making it not attractive as an investment choice.
Reasons for low brand recognition and negative brand image: 
  1. Lack of brand communications;
  2. Inadequate product positioning;
  3. Inadequate brand image promotion;
  4. Selling a Ferrari and a pick-up truck with the same dealer: wrong marketing channel.
There are some top Chinese carving artists used Canadian jade to carve masterpieces with extraordinary large dimension. These masterpieces are superb but they are mostly for institutional collectors, not for individual collectors;

Not many information about Canadian jade or jadeware made from Canadian jade. Resources or channels to feed information about Canadian jade to Chinese collectors do not exist;

Because of the lack of information, a collector or potential buyer needs to go deep and wide to search for Canadian jade information, which turns to find uncontrolled and unselected information. Often such information is undesirable or even negative for the Canadian jade producer;

Some of the pictures / forum comments further deteriorate the brand image of Canadian jade. Although some carving artists or jade experts recognize the value of Canadian jade, they are not the driving force for market trend. The driving force is individual collectors who contribute to more than 85% market share;

Culture difference towards jade also contributes to the low brand recognition and negative brand image for Canadian jade in China.

What we need to do and are doing is to reshape the Brand Image of Canadian Jade.