We have physical presence in China. The 3 operational bases we established in China enable us to access directly processing facilities, and provide us with real-time market information and price information.
  1. Our Guizhou jade factory and store
  2. Our Guizhou jade factory in South China is the manufacturing center to manufacture various jade products. Rough nephrite jade are shipped to this location, where the stones are sorted, screened, rated, cut, carved, polished to produce beautiful products. Rough nephrite stones mined in BC, Yukon, centrial America, Pakistan, Afghanistan, middle East, Yemen, Russia (Siberia) can be cut and carved at this factory.

  3. Our Guangzhou processing Facilities
  4. Our Guangzhou operational base is the processing center. All the rough nephrite jade processing including cutting, carving, polishing and jadeware design are performed at this place.

  5. Beijing Shipping Center
  6. The role of our Beijing shipping center is to manage the shipping and receiving.

    We also have a Guangzhou Gemstones Marketplace that is a marketplace for gemstones other than nephrite jade. We provide this marketplace FREE of charge for miners from many countries.
By the synergic cooperation among our teams in Vancouver, Guizhou, Guangzhoy and Beijing, we have a streamlined operational procedure and talent teams that enable us to be extremely competitive and efficient. We have expertise and know-how in rough nephrite and other gemstones designing, processing.