Help Miners Sell Their Gemstones Directly to Chinese Buyers

Are you a gemstone miner or dealer who wants to sell rough gemstones quickly and at a better price? Then read this page.

Selling gemstones, particularly colored gems at a desirable price is a difficult task for independent, small-scale miners or dealers, working in remote locations in far away places such as Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, Pakistan, Burma, Afghanistan, Columbia, Bolivia, Mexico, Yemen, India, Turkey, Africa, etc.

Independent miners and dealers typically want to turn their hard work into cash as soon as possible. Usually this means taking the rough stone to a local market in the nearest town, or selling the rough to middlemen who go between the miners or local dealers and the foreign buyers, and there may be several levels of middlemen, who each take a share. Many miners realize that selling to local middlemen is not a good economic strategy. Why let the middlemen take most of the profit when the miner has done all the hard work? Is there a way for the miners to take the rough stones to the foreign market particularly the booming China market, set own desirable selling price and obtain a much better price?

Yes, there is such a way for gemstone miners and dealers to access directly China market. With the miners or dealers directly accessing China market, setting own price, the gemstone miners can achieve a much better profit, sometimes 100% higher than in their local markets.

This is how:
If you are a miner or owner or dealer who wants to sell gemstones directly in China market to obtain a much better price, please contact Beijing Gemstone Marketplace (BGM), which is operated by us, Polar Jade Enterprises Corp. in Beijing, China. BGM helps miners and owners sell their stones directly to Chinese buyers by providing a marketplace, marketing and sales forces, dedicated personal account manager, safe storage. safe transaction, and all other assistances needed to cut a deal between the gem miners/owners and Chinese buyers. All these services are provided by BGM for FREE before the stones are sold. Miners decide a minimum price, BGM will do the remainings.

In their local markets, miners may have only 1 or 2 buyers who are actually middlemen, and they may only sell at $5 per gram for their rough or loose stones. But at BGM's marketplace in Beijing, there may be 50 to 100 direct Chinese buyers, and the selling price may be $10 or even $50 per gram for the same stones.

No any costs for the miners or owners or dealers before the stones are sold. BGM even help miners and owners import gemstones to China, pay import duty and other associated costs in China side on behalf of the miners and owners, and help with the gemstone lab testing, verification and appraising. Miners do not need to pay BGM anything before the stones are sold. All these costs BGM spent for the miners and a certain percentage of the final selling price are deducted as BGM's service fee from the final selling price.

Comparing with the much better price at BGM's marketplace than that in their local market, sometimes the difference would be 2-3 times higher, the service fee is a very small amount. Plus, BGM can help the miners sell their stones quickly in China, which is crucial for the miners to have enough cash flow to fund next mining and prospecting, and to support family.

In short, with BGM's help, miners can sell their gemstones directly to Chinese buyers quickly and at a much better price, sometimes as high as 100 -300%.

Contact us NOW using the Contact Page of this site. Depending on your gemstones and your needs, we will assign a dedicated personal account manager to help you.