You have jades, you have mined nephrite jades in BC, Yukon, centrial America, Pakistan, Afghanistan, middle East, Yemen, you know where to find nephrite or jadeite jades or other jades, but you have difficult to market and sell your stuff.

Or another situation: you have buyers for your jades, but you are not satisfied with your selling price, and you want to get better deals for your jades that are hard to find and hard to mine.

If you are a nephrite or jadeite jade miner who have the problems above, we can help.

We are jade experts. We speak the language and we know China jade market and jade carving artists. We have physical presence in China. The two operational bases (Beijing and Fujian) we established in China enable us to access directly China jade market and processing facilities, and provide us with real-time market information and price information of rough nephrite jade and jadeware products in the China market.

By the synergic cooperation among our teams in Vancouver, Fujian and Beijing, we have a streamlined operational procedure and talent teams that enable us to be extremely competitive and efficient. We have expertise and know-how in rough Canadian nephrite jade exporting and marketing in China, designing, processing and marketing finished products (jadeware) in China market and other markets.

If you are a jade miner, we would be happy to buy your rough jade, if quality is good. Send us samples or pictures of your rough nephrite first. Let us help you with marketing and exporting. This way, you can focus on the things you are good at: jade prospecting and mining.

Please also refer to How to Sell Your Rough Jade Stones