Buy Nigeria and Mozambique Rough Tourmaline and other Gemstones.

If you are a Nigeria or Mozambique rough tourmaline seller who wants to sell rough tourmaline or other gemstones, please contact us.

We are buyer, and are interested in rough green, red tourmaline and other gemstones. Requirements for the rough stones: clarity IF (loupe clean) or VVS (eye clean); size 4ct or above per piece; color: green, red, pink, or bi-color. Price: competitive price as compared with other dealers and sellers; Quantity: to be discussed.

If you are a miner, dealer or seller and you have this type of stone or other gemstones for sale, please contact us using the Contact page of this site.

Nigeria and Mozambique have abundant and diverse colored gemstones including Aquamarine, Sapphire, Topaz, tourmaline, Garnet, Beryl, Nephrite, etc. By combining the gemstones resources in Nigeria/Mozambique and the huge market size in China and Canada where we have physical presence, there is a huge opportunities to increase your income 10 times if you work with us.

We particularly mention tourmaline from Nigeria and Mozambique, but do not limit to Nigeria. We are also interested in tourmaline and other gemstones from other countries such as Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, Pakistan, Burma, Zambia, Afghanistan, Columbia, Bolivia, Mexico, Yemen, India, Turkey, South Africa, etc. Contact us NOW using the Contact Page of this site. Depending on your gemstones and your needs, we will buy your stones or help you sell your rough stones directly to Chinese buyers through our Beijing Gemstones Marketplace (BGM).