What we are doing to reshape the Canadian nephrite jade brand impression:
  1. Re-positioning Canadian jade;
  2. Branding: to create a top brand for top grade Canadian jade, and develop markets for middle tier and low tier grades (separate Ferrari and pick-up truck and sell these different products using different channels);
  3. Create promotional vehicles to send strong and clear messages to Chinese jadeware collectors;
Goals / Measures:
  1. Establish a well recognized brand to clearly differentiate from competition. Measure: achieving a PR (preference ratio) of 70:30 to competition;
  2. Extensive brand exposure. Measure: positive mass comments overpower negative comments with at least 90:10 ratio;
  3. Brand communication vehicles sustainably running. Measure: top 10 ranking in major Chinese search engines (baidu, Google), and newsletters reach all major jade portal sites and 70% of top carving artists.
Our Branding Goal:
  • No. 1 green jade brand in China market with elegancy dimension comparable to Hetian jade.
  • For lower grades Canadian nephrite jade, using different brands in the marketing.

Long-term goal for lower grade Canadian nephrite jades:
  • Develop a top brand for jade tile; and
  • Develop a top brand for jade in other applications (furnture, etc.)