Important Information for Instructors, Trainers, and Coaches of Kegel Exercise

Fake Jade Eggs and Risks

Many merchants and suppliers have a tendency to call any green or white-looking stone or any translucent stone "jade", when it may really just be onyx, serpentine, 2 varieties of marbles stone, or other varieties of marbles stone.

We reviewed 10 websites that sell "jade eggs", only 1 out of the 10 sites has genuine nephrite jade eggs. All other 9 sites are actually selling fake jade eggs made from green or white-looking onyx or serpentine.

Some fake jade egg examples:
fake jade egg
Fake jade egg of serpentine, a translucent marble

fake jade egg

Fake jade egg of serpentine, a translucent marble

fake jade egg
Fake jade egg made of marble stone

fake jade egg

Fake jade egg made of marble stone

Instructors, trainers, and coaches of Kegel exercise must be very careful to offer yoni eggs to people who practice kegel exercise, because if the yoni eggs are fake or fraud jade eggs, it may cause troubles, ruin reputations, and even bring lawsuits.

There are only 2 types of true (real) jades: nephrite and jadeite. All other so-called "jades" are jade simulants, imitation jades or fake jade.

Identifying Fake Jade Eggs

If a jade egg looks like those showed in the pictures above, highly likely the "jade egg" is fake made of marble stone.

Just because your supplier provides you green or white-looking stone eggs and calls the eggs "jade" does not make the eggs true nephrite jade eggs. Most of the "jade eggs" from China are fake or fraud jade eggs made of translucent marble stones. Nephrite jade deposits in China are all mined out. Onyx, serpentine and other translucent green or white marble stones are often used in china as nephrite simulants, and all these are called "jade", but actually these stones are marble. "Jade eggs" provided by Chinese suppliers in alibaba are mostly, 9 out of 10, these type of fake jade eggs.
Before you purchase jade eggs from a supplier, ask following questions:
  1. Are the "jade eggs" are genuine nephrite jade eggs?
  2. If the answer is "yes", ask for lab. test data about specific density, mohs hardness, and refractive index.
  3. Where is the original source of the rough nephrite stones?
  4. What is the unit price for a true nephrite jade egg?
Specific density, mohs hardness, and refractive index of genuine nephrite stone are 2.8 - 3.1, 6.0-7.0, and 1.606 - 1.632 respectively.
If the answers to the question of No.2 above are not within the ranges above, most likely the "jade eggs" are NOT genuine nephrite jade eggs.
If the answer to the 3rd questions above is NOT Canada or Russia, it is most likely the "jade eggs" are fake. Currently only Canada and Russia have nephrite rough stone supply. Because of Russia export restriction, Canada is the principal source of nephrite supply country. Nephrite deposits in China are all mined out. Serpentines and onyx, 2 varieties of marble stones, are often used in China as nephrite replacement.

If the answer to the 4th questions above is less than USD20 per piece, most likely the "jade eggs" are fake. Nephrite jade is scarce and rare, and the price of rough nephrite stones is expensive. It is very difficult to achieve USD20 per piece price target if using genuine nephrite stones.

Warning: 9 out of 10 "jade egg" suppliers from China and from alibaba are selling fake nephrite jade eggs. If you know what you get is not genuine nephrite jade, then it is ok. However, if what you get is fake jade eggs but you offer these "fake jade eggs" as "nephrite jade eggs" to the women you coach, you are bringing fake and fraud jade eggs to people for this intimate usage and you may be in risk of a troublesome lawsuit.

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Fake Nephrite Jade or Jade Simulants
Some examples of jade simulants or fake jades that are green or white-looking, or translucent:
Amazonite, not true jade
Aventurine, not true jade
Serpentine, not true jade
Onyx, a translucent marble, not true jade
Xiuyan jade, serpentine variety, not true jade
Xiuyu jade, serpentine variety, not true jade
Dushan Jade, saussurite variety, not true jade

Why Nephrite Jade for Yoni Eggs?

While it was in 1952 that Dr. Arnold Kegel proved scientifically that by repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor (vaginal weight lifting), multiple benefits were observed, including urinary incontinence improvement, positive effect on the symptoms of prolapse and its severity, and sexual function improvement, the use of nephrite jade egg to strengthen the vagina was taught to the queen and concubines in the royal palace in ancient China by Taoist Masters. Nephrite jade was considered the “stone of heaven” that could be possessed by royal family and prominent lords only in ancient China.
Nephrite jade was and still is the best choice as yoni eggs because of its healing benefits, very dense and heave mineral structure, and polishing characteristics. The jade eggs taught by Taoist Masters since ancient time are nephrite jade eggs. Please also refer to Healing Properties of Nephrite Jade.

Certificate of Authenticity
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