Jade Pendant, Supernatual Design 101

Design concept:This is a solid jade pendant hand-carved from true and 100% nephrite jade. The design inspiration is from Maori Manaia, which is a spiritual guardian angel, to ward off danger and protect against intruders. The Manaia has a bird-like head, symbolising flight of the spirit. Its three fingers are believed to represent birth, life and death, symbolising the life cycle of man, or alternatively.

A spectacular hand-carved nephrite jade pendant.

Stone: natural nephrite jade, no dyeing or heat-treatment.

Dimensions: 46 x 27 x 6mm
Comes with a pendant cord and a pouch package.
US$69.99free shipping
Certificate of Authenticity
We guarantee the jade jewelry you purchased is made of 100% natural nephrite jade without any dyeing or heating treatment, and is hand-carved and hand-polished.


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