Looking for Distributors & Independent Sales Reps

Independent Sales Reps

We are looking for distributors and manufacturer independent sales representatives for nephrite jade yoni eggs and AISE yoni wands (stone dildos).

If you like to work independently and not have your income capped by anything other then your ability, then this could be the opportunities for you.

Independent Sales Rep
This opportunitty is non-employee and 100% commission based. You should have experience in selling feminine care/novelty products to those customers of 1) - 6) listed below, and in managing the entire sales process including prospecting, qualifying opportunities, demonstrating product offerings, generating proposal, negotiating, and closing deals. You also have ability to research, establish, build and maintain relationships with prospects and customers, and positive attitude.

Please contact us if you are interested in this product line.

Target Customers:
1) Local novelty items stores/adult toys stores
2) Kegel exercise coaches, trainers.
3) Sex toy parties hosts.
4) Sexuality and intimacy coaches.
5) Yoga, Tao instructors.
6) Crystal healing, reiki instructors.

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Why should you tell people about us?

9 out of 10 "jade eggs" on the market are fake eggs made of translucent marble stones such as serpentine marble. Marble stones are softer with loose granular structure, and often de-color when contacting with moisture and air. Such fake eggs are unsafe to use for this intimate application. Telling your readers and friends where to get genuine nephrite jade eggs is a good help for your readers and friends and for the women who practice kegel exercises, and it makes you feel good too when you help others while earning additional $$$.

It’s simple.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Add our ad banner to your website or blog. We will pay you in cash for the traffic comming from your website or blog. The traffic will be counted with Google Analytics.
  2. Or we provide a unique coupon code to you. You tell your readers or friends the coupon code. When any of your readers or friends makes a purchase, she/he gets a discount and you get a commission.

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