What is "helu jade"? Is "helu jade" a Real Jade?

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What is "helu jade"? Is "helu jade" a Real Jade?

Postby polarjade » Tue Jun 02, 2015 3:56 pm

Recently a few people ask us about "helu jade". They ask: what is "helu jade"? Is "helu jade" a real jade?

Frankly speaking, before receiving such questions, we have NEVER heard such name "helu jade". There is NO "helu jade" as far as we know. Since people ask this question, and some of them mention there are "helu jade eggs" sold at Amazon marketplace, we felt curious about this "helu jade", and wonder how this name was created.

After a thorough investigation, we now know what is the reality of this "helu jade".

First, answers to the 2 questions above:
1) "helu jade" is actually serpentine ("xiuyu" in Chinese), a variant of marble stone.
2) "helu jade" is not a real jade, but fake jade or called jade simulant.

"helu jade" was first used by a Chinese company in northern China to market their serpentine stone eggs. Because "new jade", "xiuyan jade" etc. are gradually recognized by customers that these type of products are fake jade, so a new name "helu jade" was invented, but it is exactly the same fake jade type made of serpentine, a variant of marble stone.

Currently there are a few merchants sell "helu jade eggs" at Amazon and probably a few other marketplaces as well. Some of these merchants may not know "helu jade" is a fake jade due to the fact that they get the eggs from Chinese suppliers that may not provide correct production information.

Since you read this article, you now know what is a "helu jade".

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