Certified Nephrite Jade mine?

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Certified Nephrite Jade mine?

Postby polarjade » Sat Jun 13, 2015 8:25 am

Is your mine certified as a nephrite jade mine?

We received quite a lot very similar questions like this. At beginning, we are quite puzzled by this question, and do not understand why this question is asked and how a mine can be "certified". We did some research, then found why this question is asked: there are some people claim their "jade eggs" are from a "“certified nephrite mine".

Just a friendly reminder: if anyone tells you that his mine is “certified” nephrite mine. then be very careful, it is very fishy. There is NO "certified nephrite jade mine". This term is just a marketing term.

We can certify a stone or stone egg is “nephrite”, but we can never certify a mine is “nephrite mine”. Nobody can do that. A nephrite mine could produce 100 tons of stones, but only 10 tons are nephrite, all others are just rocks. So, “certified nephrite mine” means nothing, nobody use this term in our industry. Just like diamond, we know there are always diamond certificates, but never "certified diamond mine". "Certified diamond mine" or "certified nephrite jade mine" means nothing, is just a marketing language.

Even if we know the mine can produce nephrite, but because there are so many steps, from the nephrite mining, transportation, exporting, shipping to the factory, producing the product, then for the products to the customer’s hand, the nephrite could be switched at any of such steps. This is another reason that “certified nephrite mine” is nonsense.

Our nephrite jade is from northern BC of Canada, at Cassiar mountain area. We ship the stones directly from Canada to our factory in China, make the products, then ship the products directly to our customers. All steps are controlled by us, and we CERTIFY the products are genuine and 100% natural nephrite jade.

Buy real nephrite jade eggs, do not buy fake jade eggs.
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