Healing Properties of Nephrite Jade

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Healing Properties of Nephrite Jade

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Nephrite is a well-known healing stone that helps amplify the body's natural self-healing capacity. Many people believe nephrite jade is good for healing arthritis, the bladder, blood-sugar imbalance, fluid retention kidneys, joint pain and stiffness and the lungs. It also boosts self-love and self-esteem.

The name "nephrite" is from Greek "nephros" which means ‘kidney’ with reference to its benefits in treating kidney disease. In many cultures, particularly Chinese culture, Maori culture, nephrite jade is consider the "Stone of Heaven", and a wonderful and powerful healing stone.

According to a research by Dr. B. H. Yoo et al, nephrite jade radiates far-infrared rays, which bring beneficial effects on human body, especially good on skin, blood circulation and skin cell vitalizing. Please refer to the research report published at Journal of Cosmetic Science, 53, 175 (2002)). Abstract of this article is cited below.
Nephrite healing benefits

Nephrite healing benefits

There are many patented inventions about using nephrite jade as ingredients of beauty care and health care products, for example patents CN001034456, CN1324609A, CN1343495A, CN1751600A, etc.

Estee Lauder, the big name in beauty care products worldwide, has a product, Idealist Dual-Action Refinishing Treatment, with nephrite jade as the key ingredient to exfoliates and hydrate the skins.
Estee Lauder Beauty Care Product Use Nephrite Powder as the Key Ingredient

The most luxurious, exquisite and extravagant Beauty Bar, NEPHRIA, contains nephrite jade powder as the main component. Please Google "nephria" for detailed information.
The most luxurious Beauty Bar, NEPHRIA

It was well documented that the actual ruler of China Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi was a jade fun. She used nephrite jade as a massage bar.
China Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi

There is NO better stone than nephrite for yoni eggs for kegel exercise.

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