Fake nephrite jade eggs may cost you a fortune

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Fake nephrite jade eggs may cost you a fortune

Postby polarjade » Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:45 pm

Instructors, trainers, and coaches for kegel exercise,

: 9 out of 10 "jade egg" suppliers from China and from alibaba are selling fake nephrite jade eggs. If you know what you get is not genuine nephrite jade, then it is ok. However, if what you get is fake jade eggs but you offer these "fake jade eggs" as "nephrite jade eggs" to the women you coach, you are bringing fake and fraud jade eggs to people for this intimate usage and you may be in risk of a troublesome lawsuit.

We reviewed 10 web sites that sell "jade eggs", but only 1 out of 10 has genuine nephrite jade eggs, all others are fake nephrite jade. We also checked "jade eggs" sold at Alibaba and Aliexpress, all but one are fake nephrite jade eggs. Most of these fake nephrite jade eggs are made from serpentine or onyx, 2 variants of marble stone.

There are only 2 types of real jades: nephrite and jadeite. All other types of "jades" are jade simulants.

As mentioned in another post in this Forum, Amazon is cracking down on fake jade!

Below are part of the Amazon statement:
All sellers using the word “jade” incorrectly in their listings will be subject to negative actions on their account, including and up to permanent removal of their jewelry selling privileges.

“Jade” is the collective name for jadeite and nephrite, and may only be used to describe those two items. Sellers should clearly state whether or not the jade is jadeite or nephrite. You may not use the word “jade” to describe alternative stones. Restrictions on the use of the word “jade” include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Afghanistan Jade (a form of the stone Serpentine)
• American Jade (a form of californite)
• Amazon Jade (a variety of green feldspar)
• Fire Jade (a form of opal)
• Jadeolite (a form of syenite)
• Jiuquan Jade (a form of serpentine)
• Mexican Jade (a form of onyx or calcite)
• Regal Jade (a variety of quartz)
• South African Jade (a green variety of garnet)
• African Jade (a green variety of a garnet)
• Andesine Jade (a form of andesine)
• Colorado Jade (a green variety of feldspar)
• Fukien Jade (a form of soapstone)
• Jadine (a form of chrysoprase)
• Korean Jade (a form of serpentine, bowenite, steatite, etc.)
• Mountain Jade (a form of dolomite)
• Russian Jade (a variety of serpentine)
• Swiss Jade (a form of jasper)
• Agate Jade (a form of the stone agate)
• Australian Jade (a form of chrysophase)
• Dushan Jade (a form of saussurite)
• Garnet Jade (a variety of garnet)
• Japanese Jade (a form of white agate)
• Lemon Jade (a form of serpentine)
• New Jade (a form of serpentine)
• Serpentine Jade (a form of serpentine)
• Vesuvianite Jade (a form of californite)
• Alaska Jade (a form of pectolite)
• Albite Jade (a combination of white albite and green actinolite)
• Feather River Jade (a form of californite)
• Indian Jade (a variety of aventurine)
• Jasper Jade (either jasper or serpentine)
• Malaysian Jade (a form of soapstone)
• Oregon Jade (a variety of either jasper or garnet)
• Siberian Jade (a form of serpentine)
• Xiuyan Jade (a form of serpentine)

cited from the link below:
https://sellercentral.amazon.ca/forums/ ... dID=229988

Fake Nephrite Jade Egg, Made from Serpentine

Don't buy fake jade eggs made of marble stones, buy real jade eggs made of genuine nephrite jade.
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