How Genuine Nephrite Jade Eggs are Made? (Pictures)

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How Genuine Nephrite Jade Eggs are Made? (Pictures)

Postby polarjade » Sun Apr 05, 2015 7:27 pm

A picture speaks a thousand words:

Rough Nephrite Jade Stones Selected for Yoni Eggs

Rough Nephrite Jade Stone are Cut into Cylinders

Nephrite Jade Cylinders

Shaping the Cylinder into Egg Shape

Finished Nephrite Jade Egg after Drilling, Grindings and Polishings

Packing with PE bag and Pouch, with a Certificate of Authenticity Included

Genuine Nephrite Jade Eggs to be Shipped

How the nephrite jade eggs are made:
1) Slicing rough nephrite stones using a diamond cutting saw to flat jade plates that have a thickness of about 2 mm more than the long direction of the egg. For example, if the egg dimensions are 43mm by 30mm, the flat jade plate thickness should be about 45mm.

2) Using a diamond die-cutter to cut the flat jade plates into cylinder shape, which has a diameter slightly larger than the egg, that is 31-32mm.

3) Using grinding machine to grind the jade cylinder to form the egg shape.

4) Rough polishing using vibration machine.

5) 3 levels of manual fine polishing (hand polishing) by using gradually finer polishing powders (applying polishing powders to one piece of cow leather, and then use the leather to manually polish the egg)

6) Clean and dry

7) Packing with a PE bag, and a pouch, including a certificate of authenticity

Don't buy fake jade eggs made of marble stones, buy real jade eggs made of genuine nephrite jade.
Packing the nephrite jade, including the certificate of authenticity
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